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The Pillar of Worlds
Level 31+ Federation

Investigate an ancient alien construct and uncover the mystery behind the Pillar of Worlds.

Inspired by the works of:
∞ Final Fantasy Legends II
∞ Stargate
∞ Myst
∞ Gulliver's Travels
∞ The Odyssey
∞ The Dark Tower
∞ Norse and Christian Mythology

The Pillar of Worlds contains a metagame that you can optionally participate in.
(Details provided in-game)


This project has been a harrowing labor of love for me.

I have been working on this mission for several hours a day for almost a month.

It features a thoughtful narrative and varied characters and settings surrounding a mysterious obelisk which pierces the very sky and transcends our dimension.

This mission pushes almost all of the Foundry's built-in parameters to the breaking point.


∞ Uses all 15 possible map transitions
∞ Each map contains hundreds of individually placed buildings and objects
∞ Each map contains dozens of unique NPCs
∞ Uses all 50 possible "costumes"
∞ Uses all 128 possible mission objectives

I hope you give it a try and provide feedback so that I can continue to improve upon this experience in the future.