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# 2 two more things
09-27-2012, 03:09 PM
Two more things I have discovered about using this work-around

1) When you first turn on Hotspot shield, it sets the master volume slider on your sound control to zero. Just find the icon in the system tray, (bottom right of your desktop), for sound controls, bring that up, and you'll see the master volume slider at the far left is turned all the way down. Bring it back up to wherever you usually keep it. I don't suggest you set it to max

2) When you reach the character selection screen, and you alt-tab out to disable Hotspot shield VPN, you'll be disconnected to the re-login screen that you get when changing characters. Don't worry, you're good to go, just log back in and everything will work fine. It's not the login server that's jodido, it's the autoupdate server.