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Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
The only DOffs that I am aware of that shorten cooldown are the Damage Control Engineers. They only offer a possibility of shortening a cooldown.

I do not consider this overly reliable, even if you stuff it full of purples. While this may in fact be viable, I am personally disinclined from taking gambles in that particular area, because with my luck my single EPtS will fail right when I need it the most. If there are any that offer a GUARANTEED cooldown shortening, however, I would appreciate you posting it, because I might have to start saving up my pennies in that case.
The proc rate with 3 purple Doffs and 2 EPTX powers is about 93%. If not using macro's I'm less reliable than that.

As for Doffs with guranteed recharge reduction there's Conn officers, maintenance engineers, development lab and flight deck officers are the big ones. Here are all the ones I spotted on the wiki. Sometimes it's handy to just go flip thru the articles over there.