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New DirectX 11 tech
Okay that's cool. I want to see that prettiness on my Dready.

The STO engine is not actually that terrible, but it does have a couple of failings. For instance, STO has some royally craptastic textures. They are so inconsistent to the point of absolute comedy. (Since when do asteroids glow? )

And just look at the silliness that you can see in sector space. The "Stars" are pixely, the backgrounds are full of artifacts, and most of the alien star systems are in fact our solar system, just butchered. (Just go see earth and jupiter in orbit of Ker'rat, and never see this game the same way ever again)

Seriously, fixing the textures would solve about 80% of all the graphical problems with STO.

I mean, the only other big problem I can see is how big everything is. But that's a scaling issue not a GFX Engine one.