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This discussion has been going on forever. To be fair, the dev's did justify this based on canon sources. ESD has seemingly changed sizes several times to suit the ships flying in/out. DS9 has also magically changed sizes when Galaxy class starships started popping up regularly, but before that was roughly to scale with the Defiant. So it's not completely the dev's fault here. The blame is with CBS for taking creative liberties when making their props all fit together. STO has just expanded on that.

Except for K-7, the size issues on this station is on Cryptic. But then if K-7 was sized correctly (should be about the same size as Connie) the non-trekkers would cry foul when they saw it since most people expect their starbases to be bigger than the ships they fly.
Actually the Galaxy Class Enterprise was the first Starfleet ship to dock with DS9 and the Defiant didn't show up till season 2 or 3. In this game the Defiant is scaled up in comparison to other ships. Its supposed to be smaller than it is in the game. DS9 has looked tha same size in all the shows until they put a bunch of CGI ships then the scales get messed up because CGI's don't have an acurate size in comparison to real models. The station was a real model.