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06-13-2009, 12:15 PM
In my opinion, this alternate reality thing is proof that JJ Abrams doesn't like Star Trek as much as he claims he does. This is the perfect way for him to completly hijack the mythos of Star Trek and twist it into what ever he feels it should have been. Read carfuly that last line too.
Not what he thinks it should be, what he thinks it SHOULD HAVE BEEN! It's one thing to take the series in a new direction by continuing the time line, but to take know characters and events and DILIBERATLY reconfigure them to fit your image or to sell better in some new age of shallow story telling and over the top CGI and sex is not what a true fan f the series would do.
It's not keep it alive, it's replacng it with a doppleganger, and a poor one at that.
Simply because of Mr Abram's self-importance, aragance and in ability to write stories for any one but himself he's caused the fan base to divide, forced the hand of a new game development team and sold Star Trek to an audiance that will now go back and by the older series on DVD and get all winy that they'll need to use thier brains to grasp the stories.

Was it a good movie, I don't know, after I saw it I nither liked it nor hated it, it wasn't fantastic but it wasn't horrable. But I still say it wasn't star trek.

End my 2 cents.