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Originally Posted by ussultimatum View Post
It also doesn't mean that the Fleet ships are all lopsided in favor of Feds, as the Battle Cruisers are clearly superior to Fed Cruiser equivalents (I know you recognize this, just adding it for other posters who seem to have a selective vision when it comes to Fleet ship balance).
the fleet vorcha is a lot of fun to kirk around in, but it deals less damage then an escort and doesn't even have close to the support potential of any other cruiser. fed cruisers are a bunch of stinkers really, their turn rate is artificially lower then it should be, and makes half of them nearly unplayable. but, in organized teams maximizing thier intended role they shine, as aposed to kdf cruisers. not counting the recluse, your average fed cruiser will be the best healer there is.

their tactical focused ships are frankly terrible. the only ones that mach or surpass the free fed escorts are the fleet somraw and scourge, but you got to pay $20 to get them. theres no MVAM, no escort carrier, each having station combinations you could only get on a bop before with none of the bop's HUGE disadvantages.

the battle cloak vs any normal cloak is pretty hugly overrated too. cloak wile in weapons range and being fired at and your just asking to die. if you escape and then cloak, there is not much difference between that and escaping, waiting for red alert to end and then cloaking.

as for sci ships on kdf, what sci ships? you can get 1, but its not free. not even carriers are an exclusive thing for them anymore, and the altrox is again a better support ship. better at its intended role.

fed have kdf ships beat hands down, in every ship type they have ships that can perform their intended roles more effectively. kdf cruisers at least are much more versatile and fun to kirk around in, but the farther you get from a cruisers intended role in them, the less effective as part of a team you are. a bunch of jack of all trade ships will get obliterated by a team of super focused ships working together.
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