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# 10 Spot Light on the Foundry!
09-27-2012, 04:07 PM
This mission is the Spot Light on the Foundry for this week.

Mission Title: Betrayal of the Empire (Part 1)
Author: Evil70th
Project ID: ST-HKCA3C2PH
Allegiance: Klingon
Level: 16+
Description: Your old friend Worf needs to speak with you immediately.

He believes there may be a link to a high ranking councilman in the High Council and the Romulans. Worf needs your help in uncovering the truth of a threat that could shake the Empire to its core.

You owe him your life. Will you help your old friend?

Authors Notes: This mission is part one of two.

Estimated time:
About 35 minutes with full dialogue and combat.
About 17 minutes with use of "Skip Dialogue" feature and combat.
If you would like a detailed review of your mission please visit my forum posting "In depth mission reports upon request" for details. Also see Evil 70th's list of missions at "Evil 70th's Missions".