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I'm not sure about the Holodeck. It's a large rectangular prism with a net of photonic projectors.

Battle Bridges are featured only on ships capable of saucer separation.

Transporter room is already on Engineering deck, and Ops officer can switch you to a shuttle.

I suppose an Astrometrics lab wouldn't hurt for looking at the pretties, but a Science lab is already on Engineering.

Engineering deck already exists.

The Captain's quarters on Crew deck seem to work fine for quarters.

Runabouts wouldn't have much room to eat. Officers usually order a tray of food, and eat over the consoles.

Impossible to board a ship in combat. It would be a huge time sink to shoot down a warp core and get back in the fight. Aside from that, you have Boarding Parties to zap a subsystem.

Crew talking in combat? Definitely not. You'll have to come back in and out constantly to do anything.
Actually go back and look at TNG "Time Scape," Captain Picard, Data, Laforge and Troy were conversing and eating in mess room while runabout was on autopilot.