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Originally Posted by darcanis View Post
Overall I think the engine is probably mostly fine. Add DX11 tessellation, better shaders, and lighting effects. The rest is mostly really poor textures like centersolace said.

I am betting the engine could handle better textures easily and better textures alone would improve things a lot. An easy way to improve them is release a database of all the textures and let the community play with them. Then use the best in the game rewarding contributors with a free ship, dil, or something... For me it would be reward enough to see better textures in game. Though a small credit as voluntary texture artist for portfolio would be nice.

If Skyrim can go from bland to photorealistic with a simple texture mod then imagine how much it could improve STO.
Textures and hud elements like skill icons etc are already stored locally on the clients machine, you just need a converter to extract them and replace them.. so it can be done. can't rem if it was wrd, wrt, or wrx hell i need to redownload and reinstall the game to double check once i get the new gaming pc setup.
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