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Which doesn't change the fact that they still have much higher damage output which will still annoy OP. But we've gone over this. MANY TIMES. Escorts are SUPPOSED TO HAVE HIGH DPS. THAT'S THEIR JOB. The main problem is how much survivability they have. They have too much of that. If you reduced survivability on them, THEN that would balance them out. An escort should not be able to tank much if anything at all. But they can. So that's where they are broken.

I mean at least they got it right with the BoP, HUGE burst damage, but made of tinfoil (no offense to any BoP pilots reading this, but you probably know what I mean).
That is not the point of an Escort.
The Defiant for example carries an extreme payload... for its size.

In starship classification, an escort vessel was a starship whose primary purpose is to accompany other vessels as a means of protection. Escorts typically protected lesser armed vessels, or vessels carrying an important cargo. (From Memory Alpha)

In starship classification, a warship or war vessel was a generic term for any armed starship designed for combat. These vessels included battleships, battle cruisers, various sized cruisers, escorts, and destroyers. (Also from Memory Alpha)

Since Starfleet usually uses other "non-violent" terminology to describe their ships, I thought I would include both the Escort and Warship definitions as Star Trek has classified their meaning.

I will now do the same with Cruisers.

In starship classification, battleships were a type of large and powerful warship. In traditional terms, battleships were the most powerfully armed and most heavily armored warships of their era. It is likely that the definition was still true among starships, although standards may have varied by species and technological level.
Starfleet often referred to Jem'Hadar battle cruisers as battleships. (DS9: "Ties of Blood and Water")

The Defiant-class was sometimes referred to as a battleship. (VOY: "Drone")

Satarran agent Keiran MacDuff believed that the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D was a battleship, based on her specifications. (TNG: "Conundrum")

In some alternate timelines, Federation Galaxy-class starships were referred to as battleships. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise", "All Good Things...")

Yes the Defiant is mentioned as a Battleship, it was also in Voyager... but its also 3 to1 in favor of the Galaxy class.
Dismissing Voyager, it was the desire of some behind the scenes when creating the Defiant for DS9 that it be a "pocket battleship"

In traditional terminology, a battle cruiser was any large armed cruiser (or warship) with battleship armament, that carried lighter armor than a battleship.
In starship classification, the term battle cruiser was sometimes used synonymously with heavy cruiser. The Klingons once referred to the Federation Constitution-class USS Enterprise as a battle cruiser. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

So even going strictly by what is said, mentioned and seen on screen through all of Star Trek. Something that the original developers said they were trying to stick close to in order to maintain a semblance of easily recognizable features and functions... they have failed miserably.