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Archer was perhaps the best Captain of them all, and Enterprise was the best series. Archer was a realistic captain, aboard a realistic ship, the series was more down to earth, never before had we saw Starfleet at such an early time, everything was new with them, Military and Diplomatic tactics from Earths past wouldn't work the same on different new species. And the NX-01 unlike the other ships, say for Voyager, was mostly alone. the Columbia wasn't completed til late in the series, and Enterprise explained somethings that other series's has left a mystery, as for the borg they were left over from when the borg went back in time, as they did several times. the JJ film has nothing to do with any of this, say for Archer and Porthos were mentioned. stop trolling against Enterprise and Scott, it was the best, most realistic series, it even showed references to Khan and Data

I totally agree with what you say here, i also think that Archer was the best captain of them all and Enterprise was the best series but yes, the writing could have been done better but yes also it was cancelled wayyy too soon. But it did start kinda slow but IT DID GET BETTER. You have to remember during Archers time era starfleet just basically got started way before the creation of the Federation of Planets, which brings us to the episode of the borg (regeneration), those borg are the ones that was from the movie First Contact which takes place after the Federation has been created, thus Picard goes back in time yadayadayada and so on. And to the comment that something about Enterprise and JJverse version, like you said this has nothing i repeat NOTHING TO DO WITH THE JJ FILMS because JJfilms takes place duing Kirk and Spock's time era. So to end MY OPINION why i think that Archer and Enterprise was/is/maybe the best of the franchise it just shows how earth and starfleet was dealing with exploration at the beginning part of the stages. And i think that Bakula was the best choice to play as Archer.