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You forgot about the lockbox shipa which are mostly escorts: D'kora, Jem'Hadar Attack Ship, Orb Weaver, Wells Class, Mobius Class, Korath Class, Krenn Class, and A Qin Raptor. Thats a hell of alot more escorts than cruiser coming out as of recent. The new assault cruiser is the only new cruiser on the that has come out.
Erm, the D'Kora is a battlecruiser that can mount dual cannons, if I remember right. It's pretty similar to the Klingon battlecruisers at that, with a turn rate of just 8.(I don't know about battle mode, though.) As for the rest, the Orb Weaver, Wells Class and Korath Class are science ships that can't mount dual cannons. Also, the Qin Raptor is barely any different from the stock one that you get at level 40. I don't think it really counts.

Therefore, the only escorts that have come out in lockboxes are the JHAS and the two Temporal Destroyers.

Nevertheless, I think that escorts tank a little too well to be called squishy. I think it's mainly due to Tactical Team and speed tanking.

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