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09-27-2012, 10:13 PM
Originally Posted by aveldra View Post
^^^this, but I don't completely blame Cryptic for all of this, I blame the people that keep buying the lockbox keys. They're the real problem.
If you think supporting the game is a problem, then guilty as charged. I went lifetime about two weeks after i got the game. The next week i made a second account and went lifetime from the start. That was nearly 2 years ago so unless we lifers actually buy zen we are no longer contributing revenue to the game. Thus i spend liberally on zen and once you have maxed out your account with every ship you want, every bank slot, every doff spot, etc... There really is not much else to spend zen on other than lock boxes. Since you can only fly one ship at a time i give away many of the ships i get - i can confirm they are rare drops. It is funny though, you can get 2-3 in 5 minutes sometimes and spend $600.00 and get nothing. The lessor rewards make good gifts and i drop them in the fleet bank or at a low price on the exchange. (I dont do this much as it seems some player will scoop them up cheep likely wanting to put them back on the exchange for a higher price)
The people that work on this game are like the rest of us, bills to pay and life to live; non paying players do not add money to the game, at least not directly. Thus, some of us that are able need to do more so that the rest can play for free or cheap...