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09-27-2012, 11:36 PM
Originally Posted by mondoid View Post
This might receive a lot of "no"s but I'll ask anyway. Given the popularity of Carriers why not make every ship with 800 crew a flight deck ship? They already have a shuttle bay so that would represent an effort to even out a battle.

The current flight deck ships would be given an extra hanger slot for a total of two slots and the current Carriers would be given two extra for a total of four slots, making them Super-carriers.

That's way to much pet spawn on the super carrier's, a lot of people's computers couldn't take 2 Atrox's spawning 24 a.peregrine fighters each. Not to mention the screams of KDF players when 32 runabouts all try to tractor beam them at once, or my fury at the number of tricobolt mines and torpedoes that would litter the PVP landscape when 8 Frigates come out of each Kar'Fi battle carrier.

That said I like the idea of a pet console that requires 300 crew or better(changed for sci ships) to be installed on a ship. Anyone willing to make the trade could.