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I've been having major issues with Star Trek Online not loading, the only way it will is if I start up in safe mode. Also if I enable AA it disables many other graphical features, if I mess with the client by restarting it force verifying etc, I can finally get AA to work up to 8X with all graphical features available, but the moment I bump it to 16x I get a DX client crash instantly. I'm using a GeFroce GTX 675M with 301 through 306 drivers. It seems I am far from alone with this issue and it also seems that this issue stems over a couple of years now.

I however have zero issues on my desktop with my GTX 680. It seems to be a mobile graphic card issue. Could the developers PLEASE look into this? Many have posted these issues, I can't believe this hasn't been fixed yet. I've poured hundreds of dollars into this game and it's a shame the developers treat their customers this way.
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