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09-28-2012, 02:13 AM
when i first saw the fleet ships, i thought the same. But as i have been playing both the fleet patrol and the fleet tactical escort retrofit, i have to say they don't need it.
the universal ensign makes the fleet patrol uique, and definately one of the best escorts for any class.
The fleet escort refit has it's place too, but to be honest is still gimped with that 30k hull, even if it got 18 turnrate now. (atleast they did something for it)

both the defiant and the fleet advanced have their specialisation in other parts, which make more than up for the missing universal ensign.
yes you need to pick up either a DBB for BO, or a torpedo tube to make use of the 3rd ensign, but that sets those ships appart from the others + the multivector or the cloak.

PS: while i can see the escort refit being ok with 18 turnrate (19 would have been perfect), i can't see why the aquarius is still gimped with 18! that ship is basically build like BoP without a battlecloak, and with much less turnrate...that ship should have 22 turnrate, period.
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