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Well i have thought about the rather poor performance of cruisers compared to escorts.

I think its not so much about the weapons (although beam arrays are a bit sub-par, but not by much). The problem is that a cruiser has some problems delivering the damage:

Beam arrays have 2x 70? firing arcs
Beam banks+turrets have 90?
Cannons+turrets have 180?

Which one would you choose in a ship that cant out-turn anything? Against NPCs beam arrays and on some more agile cruisers also beam banks work well enough though.

Then we go on. Escorts have at least one additional tactical console slot which is good for about 15% more raw damage. But this is then multiplied with the very powerful BO-abilities. This is something unique to escorts.

There is no easy fix here. You cannot change the weapons, they are already not that imbalanced. You can also not just nerf tactical BO-abilities, they define the play-style.

So i have dreamed up two solutions:

1.) introduce a multiplier for weapons that works in the same way as the shield multiplier, it just boosts your base damage.

2.) Give cruisers a build-in resistance to weapon energy drain. Instead of reducing the power level by 10 it could only reduce by 7 or so. This needs to be combined with some torpedo-improvements though.

You could even explain both "fixes" with the larger reactor power of cruisers. In both cases escorts would still do more damage, but not by such a large margin as currently.
I can show how both the fixes you have suggested are not practical

1: A damage mod would still play in favour of escorts, as it is 1 DHC does 3 times the damage of 1 beam array, a damage mod would simply increase this again

2: Drain resistance wouldn't help, as an engineer I can drive my cruisers weapon power level off the scale and it still doesn't do more than 1700 damage per hit.

What we NEED to fix this is for DHC damage to come down and/or Beam damage to come up. If we look at canon the defiants cannons were designed to give "Equivalent" damage to Beam arrays (I don't remember the source). However even if we were to make the damage levels the same escorts would still do more damage (which is then reasonable) due to the extra consoles and tactical abilities but there wouldn't be the several thousand damage per hit gulf that there is now.

I have detailed where I think they went wrong and my solution here