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Originally Posted by zeuxidemus001 View Post
Odds are the vast majority of these so called resources are funneled into the creation of new grind fest games. Its pretty easy to guage how much money these lock boxes have made them. It is also pretty easy to see for every dollar spent less than a penny goes into actual new content that isn't grind fest required.

Edit: Also for some of the more talented foundry authors if say they worked for a week just on their lunch break and access to the same tools they could probally push the equivalent of a season per week. Wellll maybe a month have to test usually helps find bugs and stuff
I understand. I merely find it funny how revenue is both used to gauge the KDFs "worth" in STO as far as new content incomming for us while at the same time if asked that revenue is treated as agnostic and used where ever it pleases them and is called un faction specific.
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