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IF they did do a Borg faction then it would get very boring VERY .ect ect because those are the only missions you could do with any realism.....
I couldn't agree less since there's more going on with the Borg. With the federation people can assume all they do is make peace with races but instead there's betrayel, conflict between things like section 8. The difference with the Borg they can't always assimilate all races.

Plus personally I find the klink faction quite bland, personally for me the Borg tend to make things a bit more interesting. It would also mean it could lead to more crossover plots like the origin of vger or how the Borg queen was cloned or escaped the cube in first contact. It would also fill in the plot holes. The borg faction could even be part of the resistance movement where they use the technology heavily to fight the normal Borg.

As for the haters of playable Borg 'nobody' is forcing you to play as them. Anyway I wanted this faction because it's what has interested many people since launch.

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