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09-28-2012, 05:57 AM
As i see it cruisers weapons have to do twice the damage of escorts weapons, i naval terms
do you guys think that a destroyer have any chance against a cruiser? not at all, cruisers have biger calibre weapons more range and armor so bring this concept to space and apply
it, you have to concepts that can bring some sense here, first range extend the range of cruiser weapons (beam arrays) to 15 would be great, and calibre making beam arrays do more damage.

Actually the tradeoff of the energy drain doing by beams arrays are too big compared to DHC that is mitigated by the weapons power modifier of escorts/destroyers resulting in a inefficent weapon in terms of damage something can be make here also.

And the problem is bigger with dreadnoughts that does irrelevant damage compared with escorts/destroyers the problem is that they are seeing as tanks but forgetting their superior firepower so the concept is that a ship that can?t equip DHC is not a damage dealer adopting the role of auxiliar ship, just the opposite at it should be.

So i think escorts/destroyer should be means of add more damage to a specific target not to adopt the role of main damage dealers the main damage dealer is the dreadnought/cruiser with their hig calibre weapons and range and with their bigger power core that can satisfy the enrgy demands during combat situations .

But this is all mental masturbation because in the end we all know what is going to happen
since is more easy to build a ship from scratch and pack it into a box than rework everything that is already done as it should.  1340395851