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09-28-2012, 07:09 AM
I keep reading this thread for quite a while. Some of your stories sound really familiar, so I do feel your pain as my own. And finally, after today's run, I decided to post here as well.

Actually I'm a very tolerant and patient person, so I never rage out about any of the bad runs. There were plenty - the most stories would be repeated though, and I can't say I feel bad about them. The worst runs are usually the ones I've screwed up myself for whatever reason. (Lack of attention, daydreaming, sudden distraction - and pop it goes, the bloody gen...) I think we all had some runs like this. The one I've remembered the most was KA elite. I was working on a transformer, some klingon carrier was guarding the gate and helped me from time to time. So, all gens are popped, I'm happily blowing all of the cd's on the transformer.... And dpsing.... and dpsing.... and nothing comes... And than I the klink comes and starts dpsing the gen behind the transformer I haven't noticed. Well, he said nothing, and yet his silence was all saying. That must have been the most embarrassing run I've ever had. But not the worst one.

The worst one is probably the todays one. Infected Space Elite. I can't complain about the group - it was really good. We went through the instance and done the optional with some minutes left. I was going with my Tac captain on the Galor - I do enjoy playing "semi-support" classes like Tac cruisers and carriers. And than one of the sci's starts whining about all the horrible aggro he got on the Tac Cube, oh woe, those bloody Tacs are playing cruisers (there were two of us), and ain't able to hold the aggro! Those n00bs!.. Well, correct me if I'm wrong, but I DON'T WANT any aggro on my Tac. Neither my escort, nor my tac cruiser. I avoid it. One of the main reasons I'm not taking my Escort to the pugs anymore is the fact I start tanking just by entering any STF. Well, I can tank, for some time. Escorts are even crappier tanks than cruisers are dps boats. And yet it's rather stressing, so actually an opposite of why I'm coming to STF - to relax and to have some fun. And, to be completely honest, there were situations my sci got aggro in some insane dps teams popping Cubes like normal BoPs. And yet I've regarded it as my own fault and never came up with idea acting like an elitist spoiled brat and going forth insulting people. Actually I wanted to say that I'd gladly bring my Escort and do some high dps, but not in a team where a sci mourns and whines instead of healing properly. (Never seen him healing at all, it was me tossing heals around.) But than I thought the poo fight won't do me any good, so I didn't say anything.