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Okay, for PvE Mainly. Captain is Tactical Career Path.

I DO have the (3-piece) temporal item set.

So far, weapons look like:

Fore: 2x Mk XI/XII Polarized Disruptor DHC, Chroniton Dual beam array, Chroniton disruption device
Aft: 2x Mk XII Polarized Disruptor turrets, MK XII Tricobalt Mine Launcher

Reman Prototype Space Set MK XI (?)

Devices: Red Matter Capacitor, Sub-space field Modulator

Bridge Officers

Lt. Commander Universal: HEM1, TSS2, GW1
Lt. Universal: EPtS1, ET2
Commander Tac: TT1, SV1, CRF2, DPBeta3
Lt. Tac: TSpread1, TT2
Ens. Eng: ET1

Engineering: Isometric Charge, Point Defense
Science: Field Generator x2, Manheim, Universal-Temporal Console (I forget the name)
Tactical: Disruptor x3, ???

Ideas & Suggestions are welcome, as is CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism.

Update (10/8/2012)
Have Revised my weapons, gear and BO loadout with the many useful suggestions from this thread...all of which were considered carefully. Thank You to all who've posted as of today. Yes, initial build was a bit haphazard (nonsensical? lol) but imho, everything is a work in progress until you are happy with it, no? I welcome everyone to continue to post their thoughts and ideas on how to optimize this ships capabilities. Have seen this ship do some amazing things - piloted by Other people. So I know I have a wayz to go... Cheers!

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