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09-28-2012, 07:28 AM
There is so much ignorance in this thread it is sad.

Cruisers need more firepower? But wait, only eng cruisers, all these tac cruisers don't count. WTF? Does this make any sense at all?

Escorts need a negative shield modifier? They already have one

Cruisers are the backbone of the fleet, escorts are the teeth, science ships are the hands. If you want to do damage then flying as an eng in a cruiser isn't going to happen, it isn't supposed to ever, give up on the idea.

Cruisers are versatile, agro stealing tanks, they provide good SUPPORT level damage, extreme durability and healing skills. They can zone control.

An escort causes damage and takes damage, there is little to no utility. It is a warship, fast, manoeuvrable, meant to kill. Its heals are limited, its ability to control is minimal, they sacrifice ability for damage, its the design.

The reason you complain is the STO content is way too heavily damage based. If we had 3 STFs that were like Starbase Blockade then nobody would be flying escorts, as cruisers are completely op in that mission. Draw agro, support and heal freighters, escorts have to shoot their way out of a healing situation.. most fail.