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09-28-2012, 08:52 AM
A lot of people really don't understand the balance, to be honest most cruiser captains are terrible. They aren't forced to better themselves.

An escort is successful because the damage it produces, while large, is also heavily focused. It takes out a shield facing, then their hull, a cruiser slowly flies around hitting shield facing after shield facing, you waste all your potential. If you ever actually logged a battle (which I know you don't) you'd see escorts turrets actually do nearly as much damage as their cannons, but the cannons are bursty, causing real damage. If cruisers learned this they'd be better off.

The escort gets penalized in durability, but most escorts are forced to learn to avoid dying, cruisers rarely maximize this. Escorts have no utility, they damage and take damage, its the point of a warship. Cruisers heal, tank, control and support damage all in one.

A cruiser gaining firepower comes at the cost of its losing durability, just like the Assault refit. A slow moving very heavy tactical like cruiser would be so ineffective it isn't funny, it doesn't make sense.

Oh, and there was a very long time that escorts (and science) received no new ships at all, it was all cruisers for zen, all cruisers for lock boxes, then they focused on escorts, now science ships are being filled out, its a process, stop your ridiculous prejudice.