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Originally Posted by synister247 View Post
Okay, for PvE Mainly. Captain is Tactical Career Path.

I DO have the (3-piece) temporal item set.

So, far weapons look like:

Fore: 2x Mk XI/XII Polarized Disruptor DHC, Chroniton Dual beam array, Chroniton disruption device
Aft: 2x Mk XII Polarized Disruptor turrets, MK XII Tricobalt Mine Launcher

Reman Prototype Space Set MK XI (?)

Devices: Red Matter Capacitor, Sub-space field Modulator

Bridge Officers

Lt. Commander Universal: HEM1, TSS2, GW1
Lt. Universal: EPtS1, ET2
Commander Tac: TT1, SV1, CRF2, DPBeta3
Lt. Tac: TSpread1, TT2
Ens. Eng: ET1

Engineering: Isometric Charge, Point Defense
Science: Field Generator x2, Manheim, Universal-Temporal Console (I forget the name)
Tactical: Disruptor x3, ???

Ideas & Suggestions are welcome, as is CONSTRUCTIVE Criticism.
Okay. First off, the Reman set doesn't really provide any good bonuses for your setup. You may be better off with MACO Shields/Borg 3pc kit for survivability.

I suggest that you swap out the Point Defense console, given that it doesn't really have much use in STFs and other PVE, unless you have a lot of trouble with heavy plasma torps, and scatter volley should help with that. You could pop in a Neutronium Alloy instead for extra resistance or the Borg Universal, which gives you a healthy bonus to crits.

I also suggest using Antiproton as your energy type, because I remember reading that the Chroniton Dual Beam Bank benefits from antiproton consoles. Of course, this is up to you, if you feel that the procs from polarised disruptors are better than the added damage, go ahead. Of course, switch to antiproton tac consoles then. The fourth tac console is up to you, but I would prefer to put in another antiproton/disruptor one.

As for your BOFFs, I tend to prefer Aux to Structural 1 instead of ET2. ATS1 gives you added hull resistance that helps if you keep it running as much as possible, for a slightly smaller heal. Use aux batteries to help in this case, or switch to high aux when healing.

ET1 is similarly limited, especially since it'll mess with your TT cooldowns. Believe me, you'll want TT up as much as possible. I would put another EPtS in there instead and chain it. This is good since EPtS both heals your shields and gives nice shield resistance.

I also see where you're going with DPB3, but I also notice you have no tractor breaks, which can be troublesome in STFs. Therefore, I suggest you put in APO3, which breaks tractor beams and gives added mobility, defense, and damage. If you go with this, it may be better to remove the tricobalt mine and put in another turret instead, for more sustained damage.

Finally, the added benefit you gain from TT2 over TT1 is negligible. I would downgrade your TT2 to TT1 and take TSpread2 instead. Either that, or CRF1, so that you can rapid fire your cannons more often.

I hope this helps you in setting up your ship.

P.S. You may want to post the 3pc bonuses for the temporal item set, since they aren't common knowledge yet.