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09-28-2012, 09:13 AM
here we go again, a typical "give cruisers more firepower!"
not even a week past since the last one, from the same people with the same agenda.

i give it another 2 pages until the super beam comes up again. That escorts are over powered was already covered on page one and two.

Most of the people crying for a more powerfull damage cruiser are either incapable of building one or lack the skill to do any damage in a cruiser. Of course not every cruiser is build for damage, but some are...D'kora for instance, that ship is a monster. In the right hands, you have a full tank, dealing damage close to an escort. Same goes for the fleet vor'cha.
Also the regent, AHC retrofit and the tac oddy can be real mean damage dealers, but if you stick to the clumsy assault/star/exploration cruisers no wonder your punsh is like the sting of a mosquito.
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