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I don't get why on earth this game has to be "blanced" with 1on1 encounters in mind, because B'rel pilots want to

battle an Galaxy Class in a "fair fight" - THIS WOULDN'T BE A "FAIR FIGHT". A small vessel would need assistance, a cruiser in battle would need

escorts and so on. So, when they finally went all the way to P2W county every hope was lost. New ships will always be better so people will buy

them, period.
In my experience the devs just watched ST:7 and thought that Cruisers should be as weak as the Enterprise in that Battle. WHICH WAS THE LAMEST BATTLE IN HUMAN HISTORY
(Sorry for the caps but i really hate that stupid battle.)

But you're right, a Cruiser vs Escort fight shouldn't be "balanced" for 1 vs 1. It should need at least 3 escorts and a good amount of teamplay to bring down a cruiser. If the game would be balanced like that, it would be the only instance i would accept that cruisers have so little firepower.
(curiously the devs want to have teamplay, but not when it comes to "their" beloved escorts.)
So escorts would be team oriented ships, while Cruisers would become the preferred ship for solo players.
A Cruiser should pose a real thread to a single escort.
Instead the best thing a crusier can do is to "tickle" the escort to death.
This is NOT how big ships in Star trek are fighting!
As others have already stated the only ship class one needs to fly is a escort, because they can do virtually anything other ships can do, just better.

And since we won't get that, i think cruisers should get a lot more firepower.
A much higher energy output, Heavy Beam Arrays, more maneuverability, more tac consoles, additional Tactical BOFF stations, these that are good ideas, when done right.
But the devs aren't interested in it and i heavily doubt they are reading and (most notably) considering anything we are going to suggest here. Just look at the more turnrate to cruisers and the Galaxy Joke thread, no dev has ever answerd and said "sorry we weren't aware this is a problem, we'll do what we can". No, of course not. They don't even pretend to do something about it, they just ignore everyone who has a different opinion.
They aren't interested in creating a game that is balanced in the first place.
And in order to do that, they have to create imbalances so people will buy the next better ship in the Z- store. So there will always be a imbalance in the game.
This wouldn't be a big problem if the devs would keep that imbalance to smaller degree.

In my opinion this is just a part of the problem. The real problem is that the devs have a totally wrong understanding of Star Trek ships and how they work and how they are related to each other, when it comes to their combat power. I have explained this numerous times and other people too, just look at the Galaxy Joke or cruiser turnrate thread, because i am tired to explain the same things over and over again.
In my understanding the devs don't have any sense for Star Trek at all, they want small ships zipping around doing dogfights and attacking big huge and unmaneuverable ships that don't really pose a threat for them, people wearing Heavy armor with grenades attached to it, people carrying huge miniguns, Mohawks, and so on. They really should have created their own Sci Fi universe instead of raping the Star Trek universe.

The devs have choosen their favourite ship class, it is almost miserable. Even the Character selection screen has a Defiant bridge in the background.

Originally Posted by nicha0 View Post
There is so much ignorance in this thread it is sad.


An escort causes damage and takes damage, there is little to no utility. It is a warship, fast, manoeuvrable, meant to kill. Its heals are limited, its ability to control is minimal, they sacrifice ability for damage, its the design.
Yeah, ignorance, i can see that....

Escorts have no utility... wait a moment what utility are you talking about?
This game is all about damage, there are NO missions about colonization, or other typical Star trek missions we saw in the shows. Escorts rule this game if you fly one if you don't see that, i would suggest, that you should grab a Galaxy -R and do the same things you do with your escort for a couple of weeks.

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