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Are we focusing on PvP or PvE? What the players wants to do with their ship matters in the conversation. From my point of view, if you PvP then the ship needs to win in which case the best is all that matters and personal preference of ship details (looks, type, etc.) takes a back seat. If you PvE then the ship needs to be playable (and that?s a very broadly used term).

In other words, Cryptic has an interesting model for game design and it?s seen among other games they started. If Cruisers are ?tanks? then they are intentionally designed for low(er) damage output than ?blasters? ? the Escorts. Science is a support role ? ?controllers?. None of these should be able to do it all by themselves, but be functional part of a unit. That?s one goal of MMOs (I think), to bring players together to share an experience through teamwork. As a Cruiser-player, if I?m going into a situation I can?t handle solo as easily as I want or need, then I better recruit some help.

BUT, for the soloer, each type should be able to play the game with varying degrees of challenges relative to their strengths and weaknesses ? in PvE. So, if a Cruiser was designed with lower damage output, then it makes sense they fight the battle longer ? but they can still fight the fight. Same for all the other ships; each must be played differently ? and that?s the challenge I see in STO.

Balance suggests making each equal to another and that is a desire of the player who wants to use the ship they prefer regardless of their strengths and weaknesses. If that were the case then there would not be a ?tank? needed because it wouldn?t matter ? they are all balanced (equal?) to each other. I seriously doubt the devs would balance the ships because it would change the model of gameplay.

SO I suggest that any vessel can do what the player wants it to do, but it will depend on how the ship is made (not inherent construction) by the player, the Captain/BOfs/DOff skills and abilities in-game and the players skills for the game.
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