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09-28-2012, 08:56 AM
The only ship in the game i see that is geared towrds it strength is escorts. And probably cause it is easiest to do so.

Cruisers captained by engineers, leveled for threat and surviving are unbelievable ships. Cruisers have the abilty to put constant pressure on a traget while staying alive.

And dont say escorts can tank. They cant. Being geared enough to take out a cube isnt tanking. And there is a whole lotta flyin away to do that. A cruiser geared to its strength can easily tank a tac cube. My bro's oddy tanks the scimitar in khittomer like a boss.

Sci vessels are support. Gear for it. Every mmo has it. I wanna see sci's healing and shutting down the tragets systems.

The imbalance in the game is when everyone tries to be the dd. no mmo exists like this.

If you an eng and in a cruiser be the tank. Be the guy that gets the cubes attention so the escorts can keep up pressure without being blown to bits.

If your a sci in a sci vessel. Heal the tank. Debuff the target. Make the party stronger.

PvP is different but every cruiser needs an escort buddy. And every escort needs a cruiser buddy.