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Originally Posted by jacenjacen24 View Post
And dont say escorts can tank. They cant. Being geared enough to take out a cube isnt tanking. And there is a whole lotta flyin away to do that. A cruiser geared to its strength can easily tank a tac cube. My bro's oddy tanks the scimitar in khittomer like a boss.
I'm afraid I'll have to respectfully disagree with you while not as tanky as cruisers they're still pretty damn tough.

Defense tanking is easy for an escort and not getting hit is always better than getting hit(just flying at full impulse gives me a defense of 80%, that's about 50% of PVE damage just never touching me). Combined with decent heals, 40% shield resist(easy to get) and the ultimate damage mitigation(the other guy dying) any teir 5 escort(especially the Armitage and Jem'hadar bug) can tank just about any PVE encounter that a cruiser can tank.

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