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Originally Posted by gradstudent1 View Post
Thank you for bringing this perspective. I did not realize that this was the case. Did you hear this in an interview? Thanks again.
I heard it in an interview (with Al "CaptainGeko" Rivera) but it's been repeated many times, such as the latest Lock Box FAQ:
Q: Why does this ship work differently from others in the game?
A: We are using the Lock Box to release starships that normally could not be put into the game or the C-Store because it would not be IP appropriate to have them widely available. Rather than simply not have them in the game, we are using this alternate way to make something special available to the player base.
Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
bullcrap. thats just bureaucratise for 'we can release crappy cstore ships from now on and make the real good ones be our amazing cash making lockbox gambling scam!'
Note I said that was Cryptic's position, not mine.

Originally Posted by notapwefan View Post
They were intended to be rare but...are they that rare?
People that play frequently and in heavy volume are atypical. Play enough and you see the same people over and over again. If you looked at 1000 accounts, I doubt you'd see 5% of them with these lock box ships on their characters. However, look at 200 STF runs with the 5 ships the players bring and I'd expect you'd see something greater than that rate.

Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
They also said they were going to be not faction specific, as in Faction Neutral like the Galor, D'Kora and Jem'Hadar Attack ship. Now we get the Wells and Korath. Another promise broken, gone back on?

I think their entire stance on this whole rare and faction neutral ship thing they claimed is a load of bull. I think a lot of stuff they told us that CBS won't let them do is more their way to restrict things and make more money off.
Yes, I brought up this point earlier. Also offering lock boxes with a guaranteed amount of Lobi crystals and selling ships for a fixed amount of Lobi crystals is essentially offering it for a maximum price.
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