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09-28-2012, 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by kattarn View Post
Please no more base alert missions, and those are not STF those are boring repetitive missions that i dont even bother doing anymore, and i dont know which escorts are you playing with but i go there in my defiant and is a completly blody NPC scorn.
Just an off topic, question for you, I love the ship in you signature, can you tell me what class it is?

Back on topic, I can tank really really in pve and pvp but in pvp nothing, with my sovy i have added two or sometimes 3x phaser relays or tried torpedo consoles, had my weapons power at full, 125, torpedo spread or beam FAW. Nothing, normally run 6x phaser beams and 2x q-torpedo tubes, just did pvp this time used photon since they have the highest DPS for torpdeos and still nothing sometimes shields go down but there hull stays high or the other way round.