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actually the scales became more consistant after they switched to CGI, because they could render all the ships at once. Before, when they were using models, each ship had to be composited separately, so scales were very often inconsistent. The size of Deep Space Nine is one of those things that is constantly in flux, because the model is only five feet wide and the ship models are way bigger, whenever you see a ship docked on the station in the show it is a composite shot. The models are not physically connected. Even after they made the switch to CGI, they continued to use the physical station model.
I found out yesterday, while reading about the Dominion's new Battleship, it was shot as a model and CGI, depening on what they did with it. They shot it as CGI when it was an in close strafing shot of the USS Valiant and the battleship. In the final Battle of Cardasia even though it was immersed with ships all around it, the Battleship was shot as a model. That being said, most of the docking shots, if not all, were done with modadels. Many of them are old shots from when they first showed that type ship docked and they just reuse them for new scenes.