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# 2 29th century uniforms
09-28-2012, 12:13 PM
Watch the Temporal Lockbox promo video - it includes 29th century uniforms. Most likely, they will be character-bound lockbox or Lobi store items.

I would *absolutely* love if they were available at the C-Store as Account unlock that but I'm afraid that's not gonna happen.

Theories on why nobody cares about the future ships free to get in present day (2409):
A) The STO timeline is a sidetracked, alternate timeline nobody cares to correct (cf. Abrams' Trek)

B) The STO timeline has been corrected but the "faulty" one remains, sidetracked. We are in the "faulty" one.

C) The 25th century is a new front in the Temporal Cold War and spreading the ships is a tactic by an unknown faction (Na'kuhl? Romulans?) to sow chaos amongst Tholians, Federation, Terrans and Klingons.

Whatever, I want my Wells-class temporal science vessel!
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