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Originally Posted by baudl View Post
here we go again, a typical "give cruisers more firepower!"
not even a week past since the last one, from the same people with the same agenda.

i give it another 2 pages until the super beam comes up again. That escorts are over powered was already covered on page one and two.

Most of the people crying for a more powerfull damage cruiser are either incapable of building one or lack the skill to do any damage in a cruiser. Of course not every cruiser is build for damage, but some are...D'kora for instance, that ship is a monster. In the right hands, you have a full tank, dealing damage close to an escort. Same goes for the fleet vor'cha.
Also the regent, AHC retrofit and the tac oddy can be real mean damage dealers, but if you stick to the clumsy assault/star/exploration cruisers no wonder your punsh is like the sting of a mosquito.
The pure fact that a Frerengi Marauder or Galor class is able to generate more firpower than a Galaxy class or assault Cruiser is just hilarious. If you would know anything about Star Trek, you would know that. This hasn't anything to do with game balance this is the devs malice against people wanting more Star Trek "realism" in STO.

Creating a satisfying amount of firepower on a crusier has nothing to to with the incapability of some people to to a decent build. This is the same argument some people bring up when they say "if the ship isn't good, it the fault of the player", so these people have more confidence in cryptics devs making a good designed ship than several hunderd people that say this isn't the case.
Some ships are just badly designed with a complete wrong premise in mind. Cruisers in Star Trek never where pure tanks, they where multi role ships. No matter how they where designated.
CRYPTIC made cruisers slow unmaneuverable bricks.
CRYPTIC made cruiser having virtually no noticeable firepower. Yeah, you can tickle your enemy to death (if you can keep yourself from falling to sleep), if he is stupid enoug not to disengage, heal and attack you again.
CRYPTIC made Escorts highly maneuverable (and thus very hard to hit) ships that can easily manage to survive a cruisers boardside for several minutes.
CRYPTIC made Escorts so fast they can easily outrun any other ships if things go wrong.
CRYPTIC made Escorts firepower so powerful no other ship even comes close to it.

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I say give the ESCORTS some of that good'ol Cruiser tanking if the Cruisers are to get some buffed up firepower.
If we are gonna blurr the lines to satisfy player desires then blur them in both directions or not at all.
If you look purely on Hull, BOFF & Console layout you maybe could have a point here, but since escorts can virtually dodge 1/3 - 1/2 of a cruisers firepower they are already more than on par with them. The problem is that cruisers have just a little more hull (which isn't much of a problem, since hull damage can be "healed" in a matter of seconds).

If all healing abilities in STO had a much longer cooldown, hull HP had a much bigger impact than it has now. But since this isn't the case, escorts can easily negate any damage they receive from a Cruiser, while seriously damaging the cruiser, since their Firepower is just beyond good and evil.

That's the main problem i see in STO (besides the fact that the whole "balace" structure has nothing to do with Star Trek).

Thank you for reading.

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