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09-28-2012, 11:17 AM
Dear Lt(jg) Tullridge,

We all have to do things we don't like here in Starfleet. Do you think I wanted to be a patsy for the Undine? I certainly didn't want to be known as the Admiral who let the greatest threat to the Federation infiltrate our organizations to the point where one in every ten Admiral on Earth was an alien shapeshifter. I certainly didn't want to be the man who would risk Federation principles in order to stand by our most stalwart ally. Hell, I'd sooner go to war with the Klingons rather than help them eliminate the Undine.

I know it seems counterproductive but... principles dammit!

The fact is that as a Starfleet officer we all have to take roles that we are uncomfortable with. I was trained as a tactical officer. Do you think I wanted to chart gaseous anomalies all day when I was a junior Lieutenant? No, but that's exactly what Captain Picard had me do day in and day out between those insipid classical recitals and poetry readings.

Remeber that you serve Starfleet. Starfleet does not serve you. Just like in my day when Starfleet needed tea sipping sensor console jockeys going about their duties with a jaunty Gilbert and Sullivan song and dance number, so too in this day and age Starfleet needs people with a little more backbone and a lot more violent disposition. You go where Starfleet needs you to go. You do what Starfleet needs you to do. That is life as a Starfleet officer.

So suck it up. Grow a pair. Or you'll be demoted to Chief Quantum Torpedo in your next engagement.

-Admiral Quinn

P.S. Thank you for your glowing recommendation of Lieutenant Commander Zhukarak. I will be sure that he gets properly commendated and promoted.

OOC: *L* I don't care where this thread goes. It's entertaining!

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