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The pure fact that a Frerengi Marauder or Galor class is able to generate more firpower than a Galaxy class or assault Cruiser is just hilarious. If you would know anything about Star Trek, you would know that. This hasn't anything to do with game balance this is the devs malice against people wanting more Star Trek "realism" in STO.


That's the main problem i see in STO (besides the fact that the whole "balace" structure has nothing to do with Star Trek).

Thank you for reading.
but also fail to acnolage that the galaxy can take a lot more beating in exchange for less firepower.

while the "balance" structure has nothing to do with star trek, it is essential to make a game...and last i checked STO is a game based on star trek.
You may think this is only wordplay, but it is not. It is the developers interpretation of space combat based in the star trek universe.
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