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1. It was stated that "Faction ships will never be in lockboxes", yet here are Federation and Klingon ships in lockboxes. Sure they're from the future, but they're still specific to a faction. We know from "Relativity" that the Federation will have the Wells-class timeship in the (possible) 29th century, which means that it is a Federation ship.
Those ships are from the Temporal Faction. And just as an FYI, we know that by the 26th Century the KDF will join the Federation - so from that stand point there is no more KDF or Fed Factions in the future.

I'd also point out that Cryptic never said Faction Ships wouldn't go into Lockboxes. Gecko even hinted in a Podcast that a Lockboxes might be the only way CBS would allow a T5 Connie. All that was ever said was that rare ships, defined by CBS and how many they wanted in the game, would go into Lockboxes. The Faction thing was just statements after the fact by various forum users.

2. Temporal ships shouldn't be in our timeline at all. In all cases of interaction with the future, the temporal agents involved recovered their technology almost immediately. Since they can go to any point in the timeline, there's no logical reason that we (or the Tholians) would have possession of them for more than a few minutes, much less permanently.

And for those who would respond with "maybe they're busy with other stuff", see what I typed above. It doesn't matter when they come back to fix it, because they can come back to any point they want.

3. Even if you ignore the above... why are you putting a 31st century uniform (which looks like someone was almost giftwrapped) into a 29th century ship? Where are the 29th century uniforms that actually go with the ship? They look a lot better, and they make a lot more sense for the time period.
These two points seem to be addressing an issue you want to ignore: STO is not canon, nor does it claim to be. STO's canon was designed to be All-Purpose Trek. The intention is to make as many Trek fanboys happy as possible. That's why the game has 22nd Century NX and D'Kyrs sitting along side 23rd Century Connies and Oberths, sitting along side 24th Century Galaxies and Defiants, sitting along side 25th Century Odysseys.

The game is not trying to be true to canon. It's trying to make many different groups of Trek fans happy by giving each of them their own ways to play the game. The TOS fans can fly Connies and wear TOS uniforms, the DS9 fans can use Defiants and wear DS9 uniforms, and so on.

STO's canon is to make every player a little happy, whether it's part of the normal timeline or not. The player's enjoyment is more important then the canon considerations.

And yes, the 29th Century uniform will be added to the Lobi store soon.

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