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Originally Posted by jeffel82 View Post
I think this statement bears repetition. As much as part of me would like to see everything sized properly, I'm also willing to admit that it would probably look strange or "wrong" if they did. The starbases in the game would be about the size of those little asteroid mining bases in-game. They wouldn't be visible from a distance, and in situations where 20 or so players are parked outside, would be lost completely in the crowd.

It bugs me most with DS9, as that's "my" Trek, but I think the recent resizing done for the Featured Episodes was a reasonable compromise.
It doesn't make since to have 50 ships parked within the docking pylons when on 3 ship can be dock on them at a time. It would me more realistic if DS9 were its actual size and the 50 ships parked around it. They do it with Earth Spacedock and K7, they can do it with DS9. The station wouldn't get lost in the group because of the distance you warp in from and the distance ships are parked from it. If ship are parked all over it like it is right now then, of course it would get lost.