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Or where it was derailed from that topic concerning the KDF ships lack of Cloaking?
That would be a good point sure.

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
I found it odd that the KDF ships didn't have a cloaking option (considering its a factional feature they've long had) and even submitted that I would have no issue with whatever the Devs do to offset such an advantage (especially since cloaking doesn't carry much of a handicap it seems)

Someone else asked about cannons and why they seem left off the KDF designs.
I found some canon, not that this will dissuade people from thinking that functionally identical cross faction ship designs should favor one faction with Dual Cannons on a Sci ship that has Sensor Analysis and a Cloaking Device on both.

It's always interesting to find a bit of supporting canon, eve though this game is really it's own monster. (This isn't aimed specifically at you, the insistence that the KDF versions deserve cannons and or cloaks at no loss of hull/shields or no special advantage added to the Fed ships can be found posted in multiple sub-forums).

In at least one version of the 26th century, the Klingon Empire and races such as the Ithenites, and Xindi, joined the Federation. In the 2550s of this timeline, the Federation proved instrumental in halting an invasion of the galaxy by a power known as the Sphere Builders. This action caused the Sphere Builders to try to stop the Federation from ever being formed by manipulating the Xindi into attempting to destroy Earth in 2153. (ENT: "Azati Prime") By the timeline's 31st century, the Federation had become embroiled in the Temporal Cold War, attempting to maintain the integrity and outcome of its subjective history.

Welcome, comrade.

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
SO maybe your own bias is giving you the mpression this is a KDF ***** threads?
You've used that phrase twice in one post, now find the post in this thread where I used that word.

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
The lock box ships are not rare now. The only ones that can be even called rare are the Time ships, and only becuase the boxes just started being opened. Give it a week or two and they too will be uncommon but plentiful through out STO like all the rest.

If they were not relatively rare, and just uncommon we wouldn't see threads like these where people basically just want these massive money makers to be in the c-store where they would make drastically less money.

At which point we'd also see them all over the place.

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