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Originally Posted by zubo100 View Post
I think you misunderstood my first point. Only cruisers would get this weapon multiplier and not escorts.

And the weapons are not really that different. Sure a beam array does far less damage than a cannon, but then you can shoot 8 at the same time, but only 4 cannons. If you do a plain dps calculation (without any mods etc.) you will see that a 4 cannons 3 turrets vs. 8 beams setup is only ~15% different.

My second suggestion would improve an 8-beam setup in such a way that it would actually be superior to a cannon setup in terms of raw dps. What makes escorts so powerful are still the BOs and the console slot...
Keep in mind some ships can't fire 8 beams at once, like the Galaxy Dreadnought, because the pylons get in the way. I brought this to the Devs attention and maybe they will let the ship use it's 3 nacelle mounted arrays to combat this problem of not broadsiding.