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09-28-2012, 01:23 PM
Pi Canis sorties:

YES, you do get Dil. at the higher levels-at rates competitive to STF payouts, at least ONCE.

Other ways to farm up your Dil. include some of the PvP and PvE mission types. "A good day to die" pays 480 if you get shot down 25 times in PvP, while "Ship Killer-Starfleet" pays the same out if you nail 10 Feddies. (running both while running the KDF Kerrat mission can easily pay out handsomely, it's worth a look) Whle "The Most Dangerous Game-Space" pays out for killing NPC ships (and ground, the easiest one to grind once you reach a level that can go to Nukara or Defera, pays out as well... kill 50 enemy NPC's and you've made payroll for the day!)

It's a little trickier to clear on the PvP missions that require queing unless you've joined a fleet with an emphasis on PvP, because it's hard to find opponents without issuing challenges to a rival fleet-the Ques are almost always just-this-side-of-dead.

but, as a Klingon, you can take pride in a few things FEddies can't touch-you had to work to get here, you're a member of the Faction of Glory and Honour, you're on the side that's been right 100% of the time regarding the threats to the Alpha Quadrant, you're a member of the faction that has the best looking women, weapons, and ships (okay, excet the Hoh'sus...), you are the David, when you achieve victories, it is truly heroic because it is NEVER easy.

But 'tis ALWAYS worth it.