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09-28-2012, 01:58 PM
I've played in the Foundry before Season 6 and a little bit afterward, so this material isn't entirely new to me.

Part 1 was a good overview, but it felt like you stopped too soon. If I were a new Author, I'd be wanting more information.

I think the hint to start out creating a map instead of messing with the storyboard was a good one.

If you try to create a new map directly from the storyboard, I agree that it seems confusing. If you create the new map first, you will see it appear in the storyboard view but even then you really won't use it that way. As soon as you create an objective in the storyboard and assign it an object from one of the maps, the map assignment takes care of itself.

Part 2 was really interesting. I liked how you built a tunnel out of Borg cubes! I haven't used multi-select yet, so that part was new information. I didn't quite catch the keystrokes you called out for various operations... it would be handy if you threw up captions for those.

I also appreciate knowing that placing objects exactly on top of each other will cause flicker. The slight offset is a great workaround!

I've always left the 'snap to' options enabled because I didn't really understand what they did. That was useful, too.

If I had any recommendation, I'd like to see parts 1 and 2 as one single tutorial. That way the fledgling Author gets a taste of map creation and understands where to get started.
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