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so reply in limerick form if you are interested.

Why I like Limericks and Timeships, win win. So much infact that I went on a bit of a limerick run, so enjoy,

There once was a thing called a lockbox
They said the ship inside really rocks
But how to get it, I asked
Their answer left me aghast
A 1 in 200 chance, oh Cryptic, you clever fox

There once was a game about Star Trek
Built with technology exceeding that of a tape deck
With lockboxs a plenty
I just spent another twenty
I should simply write Cryptic a blank check

Inside my lockbox was a Tribble
Of my Feline Supplement 74 it ate just a nibble
But soon I had two
Then into millions it grew!
Alright, just a dozen, let's not quibble