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I noticed that without a weapon in hand one does martial arts. My question it viable to have a character use that and if thats the right word. or will one do almost no dmg and be useless or are they ways that one can make it work?
Martial arts don't have the big numbers in damage that melee weapons have. MA attacks are quicker (but have the same DPS as melee weapons). MA attacks also offer a lot more crowd control effects (knocks (down/back), interrupts, stuns, etc.)

MA is just using 1 and 2 keys for different combo.


II. Martial Arts

Martial Arts strikes are faster than Bat'leth strikes but do considerably less damage. They have more debuff effects however, being able to interrupt and disable your foe as well as rooting and slowing them.

1 - Jab - 80% chance to Interrupt, 10% chance to Expose.

2 (12) - Punch - -100% run speed for 1 sec, 10% chance to Expose.

11 - Chin Strike - Root for 1 sec, 10% chance to Expose.

22 - Backhand - Root for 1 sec, 10% chance to Expose.

21 - Uppercut - 80% chance to Interrupt.

112 - Haymaker (EXPLOIT) - +300% Critical Chance. Choose this to do more burst damage, especially if your crit chance has been boosted.

211 - Knife Hand Chop (EXPLOIT) - Basic damage + Stacking DoT. Choose this to do more evenly-distributed damage.

212 - Snap Kick - Disables target for 3 secs, 10% chance to Expose. Good against tough foes.

122 (221) Spin Kick (AoE, EXPLOIT) - Basic damage only, but a lot of it, especially when surrounded.

121 - Combined Fist (AoE) - Knocks back targets in forward cone 3 feet, 10% chance to Expose. Good for crowd control.