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09-28-2012, 02:37 PM
Picked my destroyer up last night.

As someone want to run antiproton weapons. The polarized disruptor a are great for kinks!! Got a set for my klink and I run phasers on fed for the quad cannon.

Fore: phaser DHCS, quantum torpedo, paser DBB, and phaser quad cannon.
Rear: three phaser turrets

Comm: tt1, apb1, tsorpedo spread 3, apo 3
Lt comm: he1, TSS2, gravity well 1
Lt: beam overload 1, cannon scatter volley1
Lt. Epts1, eptw2
En: epts1

Eng consoles: vent theta radiation, neutronium alloy
Sci: tacky kinetic , 2 shield capacity, Borg console
Tac: 4 phaser consoles

It's a great setup for crowd control and alpha strike