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Which doesn't change the fact that they still have much higher damage output which will still annoy OP. But we've gone over this. MANY TIMES. Escorts are SUPPOSED TO HAVE HIGH DPS. THAT'S THEIR JOB. The main problem is how much survivability they have. They have too much of that. If you reduced survivability on them, THEN that would balance them out. An escort should not be able to tank much if anything at all. But they can. So that's where they are broken.

I mean at least they got it right with the BoP, HUGE burst damage, but made of tinfoil (no offense to any BoP pilots reading this, but you probably know what I mean).

Remove the defense bonus and tractor immunity from attack pattern omega and you'll see a dramatic shift in escort uberness.

You know, as they were pre-f2p when escorts did not have this idiotic amount of defenses. They were highly maneuverable, fast, burst dps ships but neither their damage was not that much higher than a full beam cruiser firing broadside nor could it all. Its main strength was that it could maneuver and always hit the weakest shield. Back then battles were a lot more about maneuvering than about hitting the I-win-DPS key over and over again.