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You know, as they were pre-f2p when escorts did not have this idiotic amount of defenses. They were highly maneuverable, fast, burst dps ships but neither their damage was not that much higher than a full beam cruiser firing broadside nor could it all. Its main strength was that it could maneuver and always hit the weakest shield. Back then battles were a lot more about maneuvering than about hitting the I-win-DPS key over and over again.
This was also true for a short period of time post F2P going live and frankly I LOVED it back then it was better than I had expected, even when I hit VA it was still good nicely balanced with no ship doing too much more damage than any other because it was less about the build and more about how the player USED the build they had and as a result I personally thing the game and the players of the game were better than they are now with less escorts in PvE (effectively) saying to the team "relax, I got this" and more looking at their team and saying "Hey, you wanna gimme a hand here?"

Back then team members talked to one another, worked on their strengths and made up for each-others weaknesses, now you fly into an STF, count the escorts and assess from that the level of success you're going to have, with the current system nine times out of ten if you son't have 2 escorts in CSE (1 to guard the Kang and one to kill nanite probes and cubes) you aren't gonna get the optional.

I say lets go back to the old days when people were friendlier in game because they needed one another's help to bring down a big target but at the same time everyone was able (emphasis there-upon) to solo pretty much anything in the game if you cared enough to perfect the ship build, otherwise you still had the ability to look after yourself and ask for a hand if you needed it