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09-28-2012, 04:29 PM
Pi canis path of the warrior (all optionals on sortie A & B) = 2400 dil IIRC
Sortie Alpha 960 dil
Sortie Beta 960 dil
If you miss one of the optionals and need to repeat a sortie(to get path of the warrior), you can get the dil reward for either sortie multiple times AFAIK (certainly worked like this the last time I missed the optional on the transport attack or forgot to jam a transmission).

Not sure at which level the dil rewards unlock for the pi canis missions, but the empire defense missions pay well (1480 dil each I think) in the meantime, and if the most dangerous game mission acts as a wrapper (in the same way the explore strange new worlds wrapper functions for fed exploration) then you would probably hit the 50 ship quota if you make a point of killing the groups of freighters/fighters/birds of prey) - I'm going to try this tomorrow.

I haven't been playing long, but it is really easy to reach the dil refinement limit on the KDF side with space combat missions, and there is enough choice that you don't have to do the same missions every day, and as a bonus you lose very little travel time reaching the combat zones.